DruiZ is a project from multi instrumentalist Daniel Ruiz, whose goal when making music is to create a sonic journey with an array of electronic and acoustic instruments.
The musical approach comes from making improvised loops and embracing the spontaneity of the sound creations, allowing every performance to be a unique experience. DruiZ collaborates and creates based on feel and emotion in the hopes to connect with music as intently as possible.
On March 2021 DruiZ is releasing their latest single called 'Dime' (feat Mattea Made), which showcases DruiZ's first attempt at production and mixing. 'Dime' is a song that evokes self reflection and communication within yourself. It encourages you to ask what you know, want, think or see by letting yourself be guided by your own imagination.
Dime was followed up with an uplifting Remix created by Anthex, gaining some attention with the electronic music scene.
On June 2021 DruiZ released two instrumental singles with music collaborator Poser Beats. "Magia Selvatica" and "Soñando Bajo El Agua" are imaginative compositions that have been well received in the lo-fi and electronic music scenes.
Later that year, on July 2nd DruiZ launched another project with fellow collaborators, called DAñSE, which encourages you to "listen to the sounds in your mind and let your dreams guide you". More music is expected to continue coming from the many projects DruiZ is involved in.
Daniel Ruiz is a drummer and percussionist living in Vancouver, BC. Born In Bogotá, Colombia he moved to Vancouver in 2005 to further expand his musical horizons. Daniel finished his Music Diploma in the Summer of 2009 and his Bachelors' Degree program in 2011 at the Vancouver Community College School of Music. 
He currently performs with Vancouver indie rock band Leisure Club and experimental electronic dance outfit DAñSE. He also stays busy working with world music group Robin Layne and the Rhythm makers, singer-songwriter Khari Wendell McClelland, indie rock band Hunting, pop singer Jessicka and electronic lo-fi artist Blocktreat. 
His versatility and easy going approach to his instrument has given him many opportunities to perform with amazing artists in the Vancouver and Bogotá music scenes. Some of these artists  can be heard on this Playlist.